double side bar lcd sunlight readable panel for taxi

May I have your idea about our offer? We didn’t get any reply from you. We will try to satisfy you upon receipt of your reply. As we don’t want to lost a good customer like you! If there is anything we can do for you, we shall be more than pleased to do so. Hope we can build good cooperation with your. This is the lcd kits, you need mount it side by side. (double side).

You mean set by double side? Please kindly find the attachment.I recommend you choose the 37″ bar lcd kits,  with 1000nits sunlight readable panel, VGA+HDMI inputs.

Subject: price info for 20 displays.hello there i am producing led taxi top advertising screens to my company.right now i am using 1500 nits p2.5 led displays are double sided and their screen size is 960mm X 320 mm,i need to make 10 new displays next month so i need 20 screens …

what is your most similar product to my dimensions..,it may be bit different but i need to know the screen dimensions to order and wha will be the price for 20 pcs?

Thanks for your promptly response. For our initial tests we need only 1 unit.Glad to receive your inquiry,  we have many customer in Europe but we do not have the re-seller.  We can supply the sunlight readable lcd kits and complete lcd monitor,  please advice which type you need.Attachment is our lcd kits, please check it.

If you like to get the price, please also advice the order quantity,  thank you very much. Systems interested in Sun Readable TFT stretched lcd Display.I represent a engineering company located in Barcelona, Spain. We are interested in  testing some of your sun readable displays, in particular we are looking for 17” and 5” sizes, OEM versions, suitable for shallowness panel mounting. Could you please send us information about your nearest distributors. A reference item and/or price list should be also greatly appreciated.

My Company has been bought by our main competitor. So for the moment, I cannot say that we will buy the LCD kits to you because they aha their own provider until now, but, as a first project, I would like to get prices for 2 sets of 46 or 47’’ LCD 2000nits, including power supply board, AD Board and transport fee for France (using DHL for example, or the one I think it is the best)