Railway display,vehicle display, passenger information display systems. The stretched Bar LCD kit as known as the open frame Bar LCD monitor which include the Bar LCD panel, LED driver board, Ad board, power supply and wires. The ultra-wide aspect ratio and the high brightness is perfect visual performance in a wide application such as train, subway, airport, restaurant, outdoor and industrial projects. All Bar LCD panel supports the customized high brightness LCD back lights, available for outdoor use.
Railway Display

A device that displays information on the screen and provides information to passengers. In addition to information about running trains such as stops, it can also provide information such as the operating status of other lines (delay information). It can be displayed in conjunction with colorful content such as advertisements. Guide passengers through the station, designate boarding locations and announce arrivals and departures. We offer a comprehensive range of real-time passenger information displays, providing instant information from entering the station to boarding the train/metro. Highly respected railway LCD screen technology solutions in the global market. The extensive experience gained since 2010 enables us to meet individual customer needs and tackle the most challenging projects. Railway displays are also available in customized shapes and sizes while using reliable components. From product feasibility analysis, concept and custom design, through prototype creation and production. As a manufacturer of passenger information displays, we have a technical support and service team that can meet customer needs at all stages, and technicians can assist you efficiently and quickly during installation, setup, repair and maintenance.

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Railway LED displays are the best choice for passenger information display due to their highest brightness, longest service life (15 years) and energy efficiency. The device offers complete freedom of display content – any colour, size and type font as well as timetable format.

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6.8 inch stretched bar LCD monitor resize ultra wide display

6.8″, 1280×480, active size 60x160mm, 400nits, LVDS, bar stretch LCD module

7.8 inch stretched bar LCD monitor resize cut ultra wide display

7.8″, 1280×400, active size 190×59.4mm, 500nits, LVDS, bar stretch LCD module

8 inch stretched bar LCD monitor resize cut ultra wide display

8″, 1600×480, active size 194.4×58.3 mm, 500nits, LVDS, bar stretch LCD module

8.8 inch stretched bar LCD monitor resize cut ultra wide display

8.8″, 1280×480, active size 209.2×78.4 mm, 500nits, LVDS, bar stretch LCD module

9.2 inch Railway vehicle display resize bar lcd monitor

9.2″,1280×320, active size 226.5×56.4 mm, 500nits, LVDS, bar stretch LCD module    

13.8 inch Railway vehicle display resize bar lcd monitor

13.8″,1366×256, active-size 344×64 mm, 500nits, LVDS, bar stretch LCD module    

13.9″ Railway vehicle display resize bar lcd monitor

13.9″,1366×384,active-size 344×96 mm, 500nits, LVDS, bar stretch LCD module    

16.5″ Railway vehicle display resize bar lcd monitor

16.5″,1366×256,active size 413×78 mm, 500nits, LVDS, bar stretch LCD module    

16.9″ Railway vehicle display resize bar lcd monitor

16.9″,1366×384,active size 413×117 mm, 500nits, LVDS, bar stretch LCD module    

18.8″ Railway vehicle display resize bar lcd monitor

18.8″,1920×180,active size 413×117 mm, 500nits, LVDS, bar stretch LCD module    

19.1″ Railway vehicle display resize bar lcd monitor

19.1″,1920×360,active size 476×89 mm, 500nits, LVDS, bar stretch LCD module    

19.5″ Railway display stretched bar LCD monitor

19.5″,1920×540,active size 476.6×134 mm, 500nits, LVDS, bar stretch LCD module