Smart Shelf digital signage application

BarLCD is undergoing a rapid and profound change worldwide, as retailers are applying cutting-edge technology to smart shelves.  Smart Shelf Display w/ Built-In Android System, As the shelves are filled with screens, merchandise ads, prices and creative content are magically presented to shoppers.

The Smart Shelf display is a new innovative device that advertise and deliver product information to consumers. Smart Shelf display information on product nutrition facts, pricing, or current promotional events etc.The best is yet to come, and it’s waiting to be discovered.
We recently developed a new shelf edge LCD display of  base TFT LCD panel. Bar screens on this shelf can display independently or combined, depending on scheduled playlist, or whether there is a shopper nearby.

All-In-One Display with Built-In Android OS,
Wi-Fi Networking / Ready to Upload Contents,
Display Product Detail / Advertisement at Point of Purchase (POP),
Barcode Scanner Available,
Display Portrait and Landscape

Thinking about product upgrade?
A customized LCD touch screen will do the most for you!
A touch screen makes a difference
The first thing that creates a nice user experience is the touch screen, which provides access to the device.

Standard stretched bar lcd display
This range covers the most common LCD models designed for electronic applications. Pick up your best display here.

Round cut Display
1.2”,1.39”, 2.47”,3.34”
Looking for something other than a square? To find the most eye-catching round-shape screen that redefines your devices.

3.5” transflective LCD  high brightness lcd
A transflective LCD definitely improves the imaging performance to the next level.
What we do
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Bar LCD We sepcialize in small and medium size LCD, TFT and OLED panels of over 200 models, for applications including wearables, automotive, medical and home automation.

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