touch solution for this stretched bar lcd panel

Make sure the touch solution is resistive suitable for ant vandal, durable solutions

 Do you have a durable anti-vandal resistive touch solution for this stretched bar lcd panel?

Preferred multi / Dual touch function


Please send specifications for both options , we are need full information (resolution , temp V.A , A.A …)

1. 10″x8″ bar lcd panel

    we only have the 4:3 panel, resolution is 1024×768, viewing area size  is 245.76 ×184.32mm 

2. 20″ x 10″ bar lcd panel.

This is the stretched panel, that required the customized.  Cut from the 23″ size.

we would still buy the LCD panel  , and 2- 5 LCD+stadard kits for testing , please advise

The DO254 and DO178 are needed for the production series of the AD board only, which we will design ourselves or find one whom already has it as Ad board standard product  

 It seems your company required the DO 254 and  DO 178,we can not supply it at present.  Still thanks for your inquires.  

 I’m working with Peter on this project, see answers hereunder

1.       Normal is OK

2.       Please offer the kit as an option

3.       Qty is 2-5 samples , 20pcs-100pcs per year for next 3 years

Good day, we have it.  But i still have some questions need to discuss with you.

1. May i know you need the normal brightness or high brightness panel?

2. Only need the lcd panel or need the complete lcd kits with the A/D board together?

3. If it is possible, please tell me the order quantity?


We are looking for the below ultra wide stretched lcd screens:

looking for wide lcd screens. I’m looking around 96cmX32cm or similar stretched bar screens i want to use them for taxi top advertising. i am manufacturerer of taxi top case and i will try to complete it with lcd screens