bar type LCD display small size Stretched LCD

We are looking for bar type LCD display with size (3 x 10 inch) for outdoor digital signage application.

Do you have display meeting our requirement and with less power consumption.

Can you share the datasheet of display meeting our size requirement.

require a bar-display LCD TFT

LCD is ok (U16 or U17)I wait offer for 1000 pieces / year.I can below LCD is very similar as your requirements, please tell me it is ok or not?

for your target price, i think you only can order the standard lcd, you can check the standard lcd market price.  The ultra wide is cut from the standard lcd, everything is customized, it is a bit expensive.we are a company that produces wine serving system.Do you have Stretched (extra wide, ultra wide) LCD 16.3” or 17.7”?You can develop a custom display without touch?

The display is for an indoor application, vending machine.I require a bar-display LCD TFT , maximum outline dimension 439 x 120 mm, (dimensions ideal for us visible area 435×56 mm) or 219 x 120 mm (dimensions ideal for us visible area 215×56 mm)Interface LVDS.

Viewing  direction: all.

Backlight: led

Brightness: 400 cd / m2

Resolution: 800 x 600 dots.

3.4 inch 800×800 round TFT LCD round display module (with capacitive contact)

500 pieces
3 “240 x 400 daylight readable TFT LCD semi-transmissive display
$18.00-21.00 USD/Piece

3000 pieces (minimum order)
5.5 inch 1440 x 2560 paper thin TFT LCD IPS display (for VR)

500 pieces
Round TFT LCD circular display module for IPS 1.22 “240 x 204 VR

1000 pieces
IPS 1.22 inch 240×204 round LCD round display for watch

2000 Pieces
12:00 pm
6.2 inch 800×480 TFT LCD screen Panel for TV/monitor
$13.00-$ 14.00/Piece

500 pieces
9 inch 1280 × 320 rearview mirror car drive recorder Stretch Bar TFT LCD screen display

500 pieces
8.8 inch 1280 x 320 touch Options Stretch Bar LCD Display module

1000 pieces
@ 1:16pm
(6.8/7.8/8.8/12.3 ‘ optional) 7.8 inch 400 x 1280 sunlight readable stretch bar type LCD Display module

500 pieces
IPS 9.7 inch 1024 x 768 LVDS TFT square LCD Panel display (for monitor)

500 pieces
1.2 inch 390 x 390 round OLED display with touch for watch
$25-$ 27/Piece

1000 pieces
3.5 inch 320×240 Daylight readable black and white TFT LCD display module

500 pieces
12:00 pm
IPS 6.8 inch 480 x 1280 stretch bar type LCD Display module

300 pieces
00:03 (6.8/7.8/8.8/12.3 ‘)
IPS 7.8 inch 400 x 1280 sunlight readable stretch bar type LCD Display module

300 pieces
IPS 1.3/1.28 inch 240×240 round TFT LCD round screen display module for smart watch
$4.80-$ 6.00/Piece

1 piece Set
(Optional 6.8/7.8/8.8/12.3 ‘) 10.4 inch 1024 x 100 Sunlight readable stretch bar type LCD Display module
1 piece Set

Theis is an 8.8-inch ultra-wide stretched LCD display ideal for automotive projects.

Key spec Information
1280 x 320
LVDS interface
Outside Dim-229.66 x 67.50 x 5.65 mm
-20 to + 70 operating temperature
PCAP Touchover I2C
HDMI Kit Available
320 niet

Samples can be ordered and delivered within two weeks.

Why don’t I order a sample for testing?

We also have the following sizes in the range of ultra wide stretch LCD TFT-2.9 “, 3.9”, 4.6 “, 5.8”, 6.8 “, 7.8”, 8 “, 10.2” and 12.3 “. Please contact us for the specs and price of the model that you are particularly interested in.