Resizing Bar LCD Panel Technology

For area restricted necessities, panel resizing LCD technology could be a extremely price effective different. This comparatively new technology permits a resized liquid crystal display to be created to suit virtually any applications nevertheless it retains all its original performance and features- good for a price effective, low/medium volume answer. Re-sizing liquid crystal display technology may be utilized in a good vary of applications wherever customary sizes don’t seem to be appropriate, usually wherever there area unit height or breadth restrictions. The technology retains LCD’s original panel specifications, functions and performance, nevertheless open up a brand new vary of application potentialities.

  • Suitable Applications and Markets
  • Transportation: Route maps, Schedules, Public data or Advertisements
  • Elevators: Floor data, the newest Promotional Events
  • Quick Service Restaurant: Menu, Drive-thru
  • Hospitality: time period Messages like Currency Exchange Rates, Queuing System

We have a requirement of Outdoor LCDs of following below sizes.Indoor, wall mounted, stretched bar lcd style screen, 70″ or nearest sizeOutdoor, wall mounted, stretched bar lcd style screen, 70″ or nearest size46″ or nearest Outdoor, wall mounted, stretched bar lcd style screen, 46″ or equivalent

28″ or nearest.  Often described as a ‘stretched’ display.

Outdoor, bus shelter roof mounted, stretched bar lcd style screen

 The above ‘Outdoor LCDs’ are going to be placed in Bus shelter to display Bus info (bus number, arrival time, etc).

 I would appreciate if you provide us the following:

1) Unit price for each display

2) Power consumption of Each LCD

3) Technical specifications of the display

4) Price & Delivery time for Dubai

5) Price & Delivery time for UK

 We look forward to your response.