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The stretch monitor, also known as Shelf Edge LCD Display,bar LCD display, resize LCD monitor, cut LCD display. What’s Stretched LCD? As we know the common LCD panel Aspect Ratios is 4:3 or 16:9, but for the stretch LCD panel 16:6 or 16:4.2, to ensure meet this resolution, we have to cut the original panel.

Bar LCD Technical

Cut LCD panel

1/3 cutting LCD panel, for example: 32” LCD Panel 16:9, resolution 1366×768, 1/3 LCD cut off. Then the ultra wide LCD is 16:6,resolution 1366×512.

Stretched Display

1/2 stretched display, for example: 42” LCD Panel 16:9, resolution 1920×1080, 1/2 LCD cut off. Then the ultra wide LCD is 16:4.5,resolution 1920×512.

Shelf Edge LCD Display

The Shelf Edge LCD solution is available on the market, such as Shopping Mall, Transportation, Taxi Top, Chain Store,Slot Machine, Retail.

Featured Products

Stretch Monitor & Shelf Edge LCD Display. Can not find the idea size? Please contact us for custom service!

stretched lcd

Custom BAR LCD Service

Resize the LCD according to customer’s requests

Customized applications, Brightness enhancement for outdoor environments up to 3000nits high bright, optional components complete monitor or display, LCD panel, LCD kits, Open frame, panel mount,touch panel, landscape or portrait metal housing, waterproof

Stretched LCD Display Factory From China

Resizing bar monitor digital accumulation display will be utilized in comes that embody, however aren’t restricted to digital signage, building displays, depot signs, public transportation or places that might wish to have a special screen for accumulation displays. the special bar LCD monitor is durable and fits well into several applications.Ultra wide stretched LCD panels and bar type screen sunlight readable and with wide aspect ratio in Digital Signage and Public.

Stretched LCD display use videos to reinforce product information, shelf edge LCD display tags, delivering an enhanced shopping experience to consumers. The application designer freedom to create all kinds of Bar type LCD monitor once group action it into a display because it can continuously enamor audiences associate decreed work to supply as an informative display for any application. Once you style within the monitor, the stretch monitor show can become a strong tool for advertising or as associate degree data show.
Each shelf edge lcd display has an integrated Bluetooth radio, WiFi radio, and zigzagged radio. Shelf edge lcd display filled with heavy bottles of apple can each display , so you’ll use them to display almost anything.Dynamically adjust pricing to accommodate special promotions, in-store marketing tests. This enables tags to be updated in real-time, so they’re always accurate and up so far . Manage display content easily. With an upscale interface, the portal allows you to manage display pricing, ads, messages & product info displayed on edge bar lcd across all of your locations. Implement price updates instantly across one or multiple stores, making execution of promotions a snap, deliver relevant messaging to consumers at the shelf edge lcd display for a more satisfying shopping experience, shelf edge lcd display tags showing ordering mode for associates, streamlined restocking activities with visual indications of which products belong on which bar lcd, edge bar lcd are a ground-breaking in-store solution that directly link the digital experience to the brick and mortar retail environment.

The Bar LCD provide their clients with the power to differentiate themselves within the cluttered retail environment, and most significantly have proven to drive incremental sales lift for our clients. Promotional shelf edge digital signage delivers coupons at-the-shelf edge LCD display to form the foremost of promotions.

Stretched Display Blog

The Barlcd company manufactures a full range of LCD & monitors products R&D, and selling. We have our own professional R&D groups specialized in a wide range Stretched bar LCDs & monitorss customization.We can provide the versatile bar shape being cut 1/2, 1/3, 3/8 … Upon your request and we also can supply the customized function such as waterproof( ip65, ip66), anti-reflective.