20.2″ Shelf Edge Display Digital Shelf LCD Panel


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BarLCD supply shelf edge LCD display & shelf edge digital signage to meet the powerful perspective that inspire your inventive plan with the high brightness.The distinction of shelf edge LCD displays and customized high brightness stretched bar monitor also can expand your application field into the outside market. The shelf edge LCD display not solely grab your customer’s attention however it conjointly work the terribly restricted house wherever you gave up. Associate in distinctive form digital edge shelf monitor and modify to quickly promote your monitor product and services from all over like airdrome, train depot, stadium, mall, restaurant, hotel, play trade etc. We can offer the cut bar LCD form being cut 1/6, 1/9, 1/16, available size 11″~86″ . All for shelf edge LCD displays, we can supply the customized height, resolution, inputs and android player functions and ensure it meets the different requirements.

We can supply 3 types Shelf Edge LCD Displays

  • Shelf Edge LCD kits, No housing.
  • Shelf Edge LCD Display with housing + VGA/HDMI.
  • Shelf Edge LCD Display with housing + Android/WIFI.
Size Model Resolution Active Dimension Housing Inputs Datasheet
11″ N11-1280 1280×120 280×27 288x41x4 / RGB /
16.3″ SR18.5-166 1366×166 410×50 437x77x15 / VGA+HDMI PDF
SR18.5-166MA 1366×166 410×50 437x77x30 Metal VGA+HDMI
SR18.5-166MB 1366×166 410×50 437x77x30 Metal Android
19.2″ SR21.5-200 1920×200 476×50 503x77x15 / VGA+HDMI PDF
SR21.5-200MA 1920×200 476×50 503x77x30 Metal VGA+HDMI
SR21.5-200MB 1920×200 476×50 503x77x30 Metal Android
20.2″ SR23-188 1920×188 509×50 532x77x15 / VGA+HDMI PDF
SR23-188MA 1920×188 509×50 532x77x30 Metal VGA+HDMI
SR23-188MB 1920×188 509×50 532x77x30 Metal Android
23.6″ SR27-160 1920×160 598×50 625x77x15 / VGA+HDMI PDF
SR27-160 MA 1920×160 598×50 625x77x30 Metal VGA+HDMI
SR27-160 MB 1920×160 598×50 625x77x30 Metal Android
27.6″ SR31.5-136 1920×136 698×50 730x81x20 / VGA+HDMI PDF
SR31.5-136MA 1920×136 698×50 730x81x30 Metal VGA+HDMI
SR31.5-136MB 1920×136 698×50 730x81x30 Metal Android
34.9″ SR40-108 1920×108 856×49 917x81x20 / VGA+HDMI PDF
SR40-108MA 1920×108 856×49 917x81x30 Metal VGA+HDMI
SR40-108MB 1920×108 856×49 917x81x30 Metal Android
36.4″ SR41.6-184 1920×184 919×88 952x120x20 / VGA+HDMI PDF
SR41.6-184MA 1920×184 919×88 952x120x30 Metal VGA+HDMI
SR41.6-184MB 1920×184 919×88 952x120x30 Metal Android

Please download the stretched lcd display product list.

The Smart Shelf display is a new innovative device that advertise and deliver product information to consumers. Smart Shelf display information on product nutrition facts, pricing, or current promotional events etc.The best is yet to come, and it’s waiting to be discovered.
We recently developed a new shelf edge LCD display of  base TFT LCD panel. Bar screens on this shelf can display independently or combined, depending on scheduled playlist, or whether there is a shopper nearby.

1366 x 200 Screen Resolution,
All-In-One Display with Built-In Android OS,
Wi-Fi Networking / Ready to Upload Contents,
Display Product Detail / Advertisement at Point of Purchase (POP),
Barcode Scanner Available,
Display Portrait and Landscape

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
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