outdoor high bright bar Stretched LCD

We are a bulgarian company, working in the field of Digital Signage / reseller & installator.We are interested in your products, namely : 

Ultra Wide Stretched LCD – 12″ / 14″ / 16″ / 17″ / 19″ / 23″ / 28″ / 29″ / 37″ / 38″ / 39″.Please send me dimensions, technical description and prices for them.

 you have Stretched (extra wide, ultra wide) LCD 16.3” or 17.7”?

You can develop a custom display without touch?

The display is for an indoor application, vending machine.

I require a bar-display LCD TFT , maximum outline dimension 439 x 120 mm, (dimensions ideal for us visible area 435×56 mm) or 219 x 120 mm (dimensions ideal for us visible area 215×56 mm)

Interface LVDS.

Viewing  direction: all.

Backlight: led Brightness: 400 cd / m2

Resolution: 800 x 600 dots.

just to confirm is this for indoor  or outdoor ?could you send specs?This is for indoor not metal framing is needed but we do need some sort of frame.QTY. 5


Thanks for your inquiry. The sun-u37-540  is the stretched lcd,  may i know you need the complete monitor with the metal housing or  just the lcd kits?Please also tell me the order quantity?  I will confirm the price. 

Could you please provide pricing and availability for 42”-44” SUN-U37-540327.2 indoor stretched display?

 Can you send a quote for the kits (1000nit and 800nit)?  include the LED backlight + Led driving board.  But we still need the original lcd panel, because we also need to replace the transparent film, only change the backlight is not enough. By the way, what quality products you need.We have the very low price type and good quality type. driver?If we can buy one sample kit asap, then we will order 100 kits and 500 kits.


The customer is in the US and are supplying the LCD panels to us.  We can’t ship the LCD to you in China.

 Can you confirm the high bright bar lcd kit includes LED bars, polarizer sheet, and LED drivers specifically designed for Innolux panel?We can change the transparent film in our facility in the USA.

Can we buy the kit (LED bar+LED driver board+film) for Innolux G104X1-L03 panel to make it 1000nit?  How about 800nit?

We need to buy one sample and 100 kits for pilot production.

Then mass production requires 500 kits each for at least two times.